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Frequently Asked Questions

Customized Tours

1. Is there a minimum number required for customized tour?
There is no minimum number although the more people the better as the costs can be shared amongst yourself.

2. When am I required to make the reservation?

Different from buying a ticket or purchasing a package tour, there is no cut off date. The moment we received your request, we will form an itinerary and provide you a quotation. Once you have verified the itinerary and is ready to make full payment or a deposit payment, we will carry out the reservations and issue you with a confirmation.

3. Do you accept last-minute request?

Depending on the travel season we may not be able to offer you our service for last-minute requests. Worst if you required us to provide VISA support assistance.

4. Do you assist with VISA support?

There are a number of criteria to fulfill, and we provide VISA support solely for sightseeing purpose. Also, it has to be a fully-escorted tour in order for us to provide you with VISA support.

5. Are you able to cater tours for muslims?

Yes, we have S.E.Asian-born staff who understand the needs and considerations.


Escorted Tours

1. What is Escorted Tours?

Our Escorted Tours are pre-planned well in advance, to allow overseas agent to market them, with ample time to gather enough passengers. It typically includes accommodation, transportation, some meals and sightseeing with admission ticket included. A bilingual tour guide with be assigned to your group throughout, as you travel with the group.

2. How do I make a reservation?

We are only able to offer you our fully-escorted tour should your group consist of at least 24 passengers. Any number falling below the minimum, you will have to check with your agent in your country to find out the availability and make the reservation through them.

3. Will I be traveling with people from other countries?

For groups purchasing the Escorted Tours directly from us, it will be exclusive to your group only. Otherwise it is typical to find few different nationalities on the tour, where the overseas agent will try to pool passengers together to form a departure.

4. Do you assist with VISA support?

Yes, your country agent will inform you on the documents to submit. For groups purchasing the Escorted Tours directly from us, our assigned tour manager will let you know the procedure and requirements.


Student Tours

1. Can we extend the trip for some of the teachers?

Yes, we can assist you with hotel accommodation and arranging optional tours.

2. Can I request special dietary meals for one of my teachers/students?

We can arrange for vegetarian diet and can assist with only certain medically recommended diets. Please check with us on arrangement for strict religious diets. Please advise at time of planning.