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Student Educational Tours

No one understands better than Visit Japan Tours when it comes to student tours. Each and every student tour conducted will be assigned with a bilingual tour manager right from the beginning from planning to overseeing execution of the tour programme. You are assured that from the time the group arrive into Japan and untill the group leave Japan, our assigned manager will be with you to assist you at all times.

We are able to closely monitor the group's movement, as such we are always up to date, in order to ensure everything run smoothly. Our company has our own "tour tracker", where the assigned guide will periodically update the movement of the group from the mobile phone to a password-protected site only revealed to the concerning parties, and this allow, the school and parents back at home to be able to receive update on the progress of the tour.

Our operation office also has a real-time update showing the locations of all the buses through the use of GPS, to exactly pin-point the group exact location. This software is also widely used by many transport-related companies, as it is used to track over-speeding and dangerous driving by driver, traffic accident witnessing and onboard monitoring. Our willingness to invest in good useful technology has help us in our job and raise our job productivity and efficiency. This significantly bring us one big step ahead of our competitors.
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The other important aspect, that is often overlooked by our competitors, is our strength in providing well qualified guide/foreign-language speaking coordinator for student groups. Knowing that given the best hardware, one will still need good competent brains and hands in order to achieve good results. A secret to reveal -- most of our guides are either current language teachers or retired teachers, and some are experts in areas such as traditional Japanese art & culture, our guides are passionate in what they do.

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Our proven track record, where respected schools choosing only to use our service, tells it all. > See list of schools

Understanding that school organizations in certain countries may be restricted from seeking for direct service from us and may require a home agent for the bidding process. Please feel free to check with us to find out our partners -- travel agents in your country that regularly engage our service.

Agents, education ministry and school organisations are welcome to contact us for more information on our educational tours that are of high quality, able to achieve objective, competitively priced and safe.

Japan Student Tours

Outdoor learning has taken on a new importance within the education system and now plays a valuable part in every students education process.

Boosting Confidence
Being A Self Learner
Be An Active Contributor
Being A Concerned Citizen
Being An All Rounder